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Your guide to being a WONDERLANDER

In this handbook, you'll find everything you need to know about our team culture, diversity, and talent. An introduction from us to you.


Our purpose

To understand our way of doing, it's important to first understand why we exist and what we're striving to achieve.

Why we exist
At Wonderland, we help brands grow and exist in an ever-changing, hyper-connected digital world. We push the boundaries and explore the true potential of sustainable brand-led design.

How we do it
Through best talent in design, technology, and creativity. Expect the unexpected. We continuously raise the bar together with curiosity being the key to our creative output.

What we deliver
World-class experience design that cuts through the noise. Experiences that stand out and create meaning.

culture (Culture page)

Our values are directly linked to our purpose.

Our values are directly linked to our purpose. Together they form a strong bond between how we think, work, and play.

In a world that is continually changing for both better and for worse, we make an effort to generate ideas for the better, and that solve problems in creative ways. We’re always searching for solutions that raise the bar in both the design and consumer worlds.


Raise the bar


Endless Positivity


Talent before title


Creative Ownership




We're always up to something


Our heritage

Wonderland was founded in June 2016 in Amsterdam by Martijn van der Does, and is still an independently owned studio today.

Martijn studied design in Amsterdam and London, and has always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship, having started a handful of companies along the way. Ask him about how it all started when you sit down for a beer.

The focus has always been on building a company that feels like a group of friends, and on building a commercial and “experimental” community playground, for us, the clients, their users, and our friends. I wanted to bring people together to create magic, not only because it’s better that way - but it’s also a lot more fun!

“Surround yourself with a talented team of people, who learn from each other, respect each other, and who stand by each other through all the successes and failures. The rest will sort itself out.”

Martijn van der Does



We're facing interesting times. Our industry is one of the most dominant forces of change in human history. Tech has brought information to the most remote corners of the world and given a platform to those who never had a voice.

But our industry is changing. Where tech once lived on the fringes of academia, commerce, and media, it now stands at the forefront. Tech was the hoodie in the boardroom, now it’s the suit. Tech was punk, and now it runs the record label. Tech has the power to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce product waste, chemical use and resource burn. With it, we can measure, analyse, and track progress, all of which can help minimise the impact on the environment and change our lives for the better.

We're at a crossroads. Are we taking the corner office and early retirement? Or are we spending late nights in the garage building something new that could change the world?

Let’s keep our hands dirty.
Let’s keep building and creating.
Let’s make magic.


Work how you
want to

Be flexible, work from where you want, manage your creativity in its own way. It's pretty simple.


We’re not a clock-watching agency. We never have been, and we never will be; it’s just not in our DNA. We understand that creativity doesn't happen exclusively from 9-5, and to accommodate this we give our teams the freedom and flexibility to choose their work environments and the hours that work best for them. All we ask for is transparency and communication.


If people want to take a longer lunch, stop early to grab a beer with a friend, or meet someone for a coffee, then good for them. We don't want our people to put their lives on hold for work, and we trust them to make these decisions based on their goals and the projects they're working on. We do this because we know that having such a policy keeps everyone happy and motivated, which translates into better outputs and higher morale. Also, it’s just the right thing to do, in our eyes anyway. Especially with such an international team.


Having said this, we're not abandoning the office. Not by a long shot. Our new space on the Vinkenstraat is always there, ready for anyone who wants to use it, be it for a full 9-5, or just the afternoon and some beers at the end of the day.

Interiors of Wonderland Office - Culture

Interiors of Wonderland Office - Culture

At Wonderland, flexibility is king and freedom and trust is the name of the game. To make this work for us, we all follow a few basic courtesies:

Letting your team and project manager(s) know when you will deliver work and/or when you expect something from them is key, as is letting people know if you're taking an afternoon off, or you're planning to work later in the day. It's a mutual respect thing.








Respect & support 


Own the outcome


Our approach to


We define diversity in the most simple sense: the differentiation of one person from another.

Wonderland Worldwide

We're a team of just under 20 people, yet we come from all around the world. Diversity is just another part of our culture. We've worked hard to foster a team where every individual can be their best, most unique self, regardless of their background. Within Wonderland, everyone has the same opportunities. Already we have people from over 14 different countries, and it's something we're super proud of.


Twice a year we survey our team to confirm that the opportunities we offer are equal and fair and that anything to the contrary can be quickly resolved. At the moment we have a 40/60 split between men and women and in our most recent survey, 100% of our team said that we offer equal opportunities for race/ethnicity, and 87% said we have equal opportunities for gender. As a small team, we're super proud of the results, but that doesn't mean that we're resting on our laurels; not by a long shot. We're already working on ways to ensure that the feelings of equality and equity at Wonderland only improve, moving forward.


Our people are at the heart of what we do, without them we wouldn't have a purpose.

We hire the best in field to grow both our teams and processes. Regardless of how much time you've spent in the industry, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can spot good talent when we see it.

If you've got this far, you'll understand how important our culture is to us. Equally important is your skillset. To thrive at Wonderland, you need to adopt our culture wholeheartedly and add to it with your own epicness and personality.

Although we post vacancies based on our business needs, we will also hire people if we see a cultural fit with the team. If you think you could be the perfect candidate for our team, apply away! If we see a match, we'll work with you to create the perfect role together.

We collaborate with
ambitious brands and people.

Are you with us?

Work with us

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